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Curating SAFE & Sustainable Learning Environments for Young Children


Our Mission

At Temple X Schools, we believe that children learn best by doing. Through play and experiential learning, children are encouraged to take on community issues and explore the world around them. Our unique approach to education allows children to learn outdoors, at faith institutions, and through thoughtful engagement with technology, providing a well-rounded and impressionable experience. 

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The Baltimore Forest School

Sustainable Outdoor Education

The Forest School provides experiential learning for children from birth to university age in neighborhood forests, on school property and land owned by churches. Serving just over 300+ children and families since piloting  Juneteenth 2020.

Currently, every Saturday during the season, the BFS is located at Stillmeadow Peace Park. All ages are welcomed and encouraged to register.

Activities for students include land stewardship, participation in citizen science projects/ research, and engagement in forest product development.


BFS expands its programming for BCPS students by connecting forest patches to schools. “Ashburton Forest” is the newest pilot site, and is connected to Ashburton Elementary Middle School. 


Taking on Community Issues with Faith Leaders +

The project organizes three stakeholder collaborative events annually, that focus on connecting the “Sacred Trinity”-- the collaboration between faith, research, and educational institutions. 

We have held 5 successful meetings with city officials, faith leaders, educators, and institutional partners, where we discussed the ecumenical approach to stewardship in place-based nature providing

opportunities for the community stakeholders to activate sacred spaces for learning.

Including but not limited to:

 Restoration activities at faith institutions
 Increased scientific knowledge about environmental restoration in urban areas

The program also develops online capacity-building courses for stakeholders on public-private initiatives.

Citizen Science

With the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Citizen scientists work with researchers to investigate a wide range of topics including 
environmental archaeology, forest biodiversity, invasive species distributions, and water quality 
issues. They become partners in discovery, finding answers to new questions and getting an 
inside look at science at real time, in the real world. In return, the scientists are able to gather information on 
a much larger scale than would be possible without the help of strategic community engagements.

Through this effort, we are creating environmental education programs/curricula that focus on urban and community forestry issues.


Natures Forest for Victory and PeACE

Coming Soon.

"the future will be determined by how we nurture young people today."

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Our Partners and Sponsors

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