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 Temple X Schools

Temple X Schools curates safe, healthy, and sustainable learning environments where young children learn through experiential learning and play. Children learn outdoors, at faith institutions, and through technology, taking on issues that are important to their communities.

Sign Up for Summer Camp!

If you are a Baltimore City Parent who is looking to enroll their rising k-5th grader in a free summer program focused on Environmental Literacy, including STEAM, skill acquisition,  and more powered by BCPS. This is an 8 week program, Mon-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm, starting June 24th until August 16th 2024.

3400 Copley Rd, Baltimore MD 21215.


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Temple X Schools 


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About Us 

Temple X is an early childhood educational model using innovative strategies dedicated to solving worldwide problems on behalf of young children.

The future of the world will be determined by how we nurture young children today. By providing children with a connection to nature, technology, and other cultures, we believe we can support the development of our future citizens of the world while building relationships that span digital and physical spaces.


Temple X was founded on Juneteenth 2020 (June 19, 2020) to reflect the challenges of newness in an outdated system. With an ethos that advocates for oppressed people through the curation of sacred spaces, this model is a tool for preventative action toward educational disparities.

"Our philosophy puts early childhood learning experience, through play, at the epicenter of oppressed people's liberation."

Terris King II, Founder 

On February 22, 2021, Temple X Schools became an official business. Temple X Lab School launched at headquarters, Liberty Grace Church of God in the Historic Ashburton Community of Baltimore City, Maryland USA. 

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OUR Approach

We focus our work at four levels:

Children: Children learn through joy. The materials and tech that kids interact with are designed for them. Kids participate in the design process for new materials. Our curricula and materials aim to integrate body, mind, and spirit in learning and doing.


Classrooms: A peaceful classroom is one where teachers are free to innovate with students. We remove the pressures of tests and benchmarks so that our teachers can develop their art and foster kids’ growth through experiential learning. A peaceful classroom is characterized by respect for the children and adults. A peaceful classroom makes the work sacred. 


Community: We build harmony by integrating the needs of the community with the action in the classroom. Our place-based curriculum focuses on projects that address community needs, and draws on the passions of our guest experts.


Policy: We work for policies that show love to kids. Baltimore needs practical policies to ensure that the spaces where children learn are safe, healthy, and sustainable. White supremacy pervades policies and practices throughout our society; we aim to ensure that oppressed children gain the same level of service and opportunity as those who are privileged.

We are working to create long-term programmatic links between students and powerful institutions so that young people can participate in community-based science efforts, understand and own their data, and connect to educational and career pathways.


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